What is visual journalism? My practice is a strange and wonderful mix of left-brain/right-brain storytelling. Sometimes I make charts, sometimes interactives, sometimes multimedia pieces. You can find my work everywhere from print pages to mobile screens. I'm agnostic about platforms and story forms. 

My first gig was as a graphics editor for The New York Times. There I was trained to report the story from the ground up, translate it visually and produce it on deadline. I left the Times for the infographics director job at Fortune where I ran my own team, worked with the great folks at CNNMoney and learned to make shiny magazines. Following Fortune, I was a Visual Editor at The Wall Street Journal. I worked on the Biz&Tech section and the Money & Investing section (the 'Wall Street' part of the WSJ.) Currently I'm the editor of the Things team at Quartz. 

Over the course of my career I've worked on a range of projects, everything from infographics that span two pages of newsprint, to long-form multimedia stories to deep data-dives to designing front-ends and coding back-ends, from breaking news to new products.

The short version is, I love what I do. It's different every day and I never stop learning. I feel super-lucky and I feel strongly about paying that forward. Please do reach out to me if you'd like to chat data or data viz or news or visual storytelling.

And by the way, thanks for coming to my website. If you like it I hope you'll share it. :)

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